Networking the Right Way

Networking the Right Way

People are frustrated with networking. Period. They take time out of their busy day, attend numerous events, meet lots of people, collect business cards and get no results. Unfortunately, they become disenchanted, burned out and avoid networking altogether. The moment when abandoning your networking activities seems like a good idea is the moment you need to adopt a better way to network.

Rainmakers teaches a system that gets business people excited about networking because it inspires them to play an active role in the networking process. The Word of Mouth Marketing Machine (WOMMM) teaches professionals how to network effectively, leverage their time and get results. Our signature training has become so popular, we opened it up to other businesses. As we see it, the more of us who adopt this method of networking the more of us will benefit from the results.

Word of Mouth Marketing is a method that creates awareness of you and your business through networking, even when you’re not there. Your marketing message is more powerful when people know your business is reputable, endorsed and authentic. Word of mouth marketing leverages your time – you are not depending solely on yourself to market your product, your business, or your brand. You are, in a sense, building a team to talk about you when you’re not there. This is effective networking.

Our WOMMM training helps enhance your word of mouth marketing strategy. We work with you to craft a clear message, characterize your ideal client, and identify strategic partners so that you can be introduced to your potential client. When you prepare, you take an active role in networking. You are no longer showing up to “see what happens.” You are actively engaging in the networking process and working a strategy to get results. This is networking the right way.

Our Word of Mouth Marketing Machine training, led by Stephanie Dohnert, is held twice a month at the Carmel Office Suites. Please click here to view dates and times.


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    I can definitely attest to how great this event is. Stephanie and Nikki are superb at conducting this training. It definitely took out a lot of the guesswork and confusion out of networking for me

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