Summer PRIME Event: Here’s to You!

Summer PRIME Event: Here’s to You!

Last week we hosted our Summer Prime Event.  A quarterly members-only event, PRIME was created so that members can socialize in a forum outside the regular Rainmakers meetings and training we offer – it’s our special treat for you! It’s an opportunity for you to meet new friends or catch-up with old ones, engage with the Rainmakers staff and have fun.

It’s also an opportunity for us as an organization to thank you for your involvement. Even with a rocking event like this one, there is always room for improvement. Starting this year, we’ll recognize members who epitomize the Rainmakers vision of Be, Do, Have and Give.

First, thanks to our sponsor Gabe Willey of EarthLink Business  for being our beer sponsor and the Bier Brewery for the  fantastic beer and venue!

GabeWEB       Bier-Brew-WEB


Summer Prime 2014 Awards:

The BE Award | Recognizing the character and spirit of a Rainmaker.  Kevin and Marla Pace have been members since April of 2012 and bring a joyful, helpful spirit to our community: They have always put others first.  We watched their custom greeting card and print business grow to where they now sell wholesale to hospital gift shops and Christian stores. Their story is truly inspirational and warms our hearts. Despite disabilities, these two beautiful people found an amazing love and have built a strong business. They are truly BEING a Rainmaker!  Learn more about them at

Kevin and Marla Pace


The DO Award | Recognizing the activity and momentum that it takes to be a Rainmaker.  Jason Armbrust walked into Rainmakers earlier this year and knew exactly how he could help in a big way! He wanted to lead a new initiative in the Rainmakers community.  As a young financial advisor, Jason knows one thing for sure – his “Why” is to keep his faith at the core of his business and relationships. Jason approached us with an idea to develop an event that offers people a platform to learn and share in their faith. Jason built a board of 10 people and is less than 30 days from the initial WHY? Faith event that will be a brand new monthly offering to members of Rainmakers (and their guests) who want to build relationships with others who are faith focused in business. Learn more about Jason and Tyler Wealth Management at

Jason Armbrust


The HAVE Award | Recognizing the abundance that a Rainmaker creates.  Dr. Jeremy Ciano joined Rainmakers in April of 2008 and, over the years, has sat on several boards, led many events and influenced a multitude of people to become a Rainmaker. The most recent addition to our staff even came from Dr. Ciano! We are so proud to recognize  that Jeremy has built strong optometry practices at both Revolution Eyes and Little Eyes.  As a partner of the Indianapolis Indians for years, Revolution Eyes has been a proud supporter of the community. Continuing the tradition of community support, Revolution Eyes and Little Eyes have formed a new partnership with the Indianapolis Colts.  Dr. Ciano has been recognized as one of the top optometrists in the United States and spends much of his time on the road sharing and teaching his knowledge. We are so proud of him and the fact he calls himself a Rainmaker. To learn more about Dr. Ciano and his practice visit

Dr. Jeremy Ciano


The GIVE Award | Recognizing the servant leadership of a Rainmaker.  Tim Clifford came into our organization in May of 2013 with some amazing energy to share and we have a truly enriched community because of him.  Tim immediately took on a leadership role and created a new event initiative called ThinkUP which helps small business owners gain new ideas to grow and expand their businesses.  The event is completely focused on giving and sharing and many of our members and guests have gained a lot from the experience.  Tim has also been in communication with our office to share Serve More projects (opportunities for community service for our membership). His most recent involvement is with the Shepherd Center of Hamilton County.  To learn more about Tim and his practice, visit

Tim Clifford
Tim Clifford

Thanks to everyone who attended! See you at the next one!


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    This was a GREAT event and I am so happy that our members were recognized for their outstanding efforts – congratulations Kevin + Marla, Jason, Dr. Ciano, and Tim. What a great way to #BeARainmaker!

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