Rainmakers Launches Why? Faith Event

Rainmakers Launches Why? Faith Event

As a Rainmakers member, the entire process starts when we understand your WHY. More importantly, we want you to know and clearly articulate your WHY to others. Your WHY is what drives you, keeps you excited and inspired about what you are doing and makes you feel like you are making a difference in your life and the life of others. As we began to connect people in our community based on their WHY (philanthropic goals, families, parenting, etc), we realized many people have a very strong faith at the core of their life and business. We saw a need among our community to have an event platform that will allow us all to grow deeper in our faith together and keep faith at the core of our business. We are launching our first faith-based event this month and we are very excited to take bigger steps to developing stronger relationships in our community.

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