August Speaker at LINKS

August Speaker at LINKS

Each month at LINKS Business Connection, we feature a local leader in their field to share an inspirational message that touches on professional or personal growth. This month, we were excited to have Craig Huse, owner of St. Elmo’s and Harry & Izzy’s, share his professional journey which began in the restaurant industry at the age of 14 and continued through college where he earned his management degree. Among many other endeavors, Craig has been the owner of St. Elmo’s and Harry & Izzy’s for the past 17 years.

Harry & Izzy’s is the venue for LINKS Business Connection and we were proud to have the owner share his story with us. Craig covered what makes St. Elmo’s and Harry & Izzy’s so unique and able to stand the test of time, and how these venues continue to grow and be successful. He was an inspiration to the business owners in the room!

LINKS Business Connection is a premier business-focused, invite-only event that aims to deliver compelling content and meaningful connections. This event provides a platform for professionals who have a product or service that a business or business owner could use. LINKS Business Connections is a place for growth, education, and connection.

LINKS Business Connection meets each first Friday at the Northside Harry & Izzy’s (Keystone at the Crossing).


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