Meet Our Newest Team Member Amber Girard

Meet Our Newest Team Member Amber Girard

My short time here at Rainmakers has absolutely flown by. It seems like just yesterday, I was dreading getting out of bed to work my 10th consecutive 12-hour shift. Most might not know, but I recently left the life of retail management in Columbus, Ohio to move to Indianapolis and start afresh. I was looking to be closer to my family, but most importantly, I was looking to revive my “spark.” I was looking for a reason to jump out of bed in the morning with a smile on my face and the energy to take on the world. And that is exactly what I found here at Rainmakers. In my new role as Office Manager, I’m responsible for ensuring systems and procedures are in place for events, training sessions, and member initiatives.

Many people already know how encouraging and remarkable the Rainmakers women are, but it was still a surprise to me. After working for a corporate office for years, I was accustomed to just being an employee number with an email address. Not only have the Rainmakers women welcomed me with open arms, but they’ve taken a true interest in my development as a young professional. Since being here, I have been a sponge, absorbing their every word and action. With their teachings and trainings I feel myself slowly, but surely, transitioning from timid and uncertain to self-assured and professional. The members of Rainmakers are equally amazing too. Their ambition and drive continue to impress and motivate me to continue this professional shift.

So today marks the end of my sixth full week at Rainmakers. That’s 46 days, 1,104 hours, or 66,240 minutes of being the office “newbie.” But being the newest member of Rainmakers has brought nothing but positivity and inspiration. So thank you Nikki, Stephanie, Tina and Anna for helping me rediscover my spark. Our teamwork really does make the dream work!


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