Alone No More: Hiring Your First Employee

Alone No More: Hiring Your First Employee

Business is going so well it’s time to hire your first employee – a good indication of your company’s health. Hurray you! While your first hire is a milestone event worthy of fist pumps all around, it can be a mixed blessing as it takes time and resources to find the right person. As you make the transition from business owner to boss, consider the following as you embark on the hiring process:

Set the Tone for a Great Interview

Interviewing by its very nature is a contrived process. It doesn’t feel natural to the interviewer or to the candidate, and can result in an awkward interaction. The key to a productive interview is to create an environment that is conducive to conversation. According to Rainmakers member Gerilyn Davis from HSConsulting + Staff Agency, “It’s important to create a welcoming interview environment where the potential employee can be honest and convey their true talents and value. Too many times potential employees aren’t comfortable in conveying who they really are, and it’s because of the interview setting. A welcoming environment will help the potential employer discover if the candidate is a good fit.”

Hire a Business Ambassador

You want someone who not only fills the desired role, but is as excited and motivated about the business as you are. Director of Client Services at Titus and Rainmakers member Jeff Boucher advises “not to underestimate the value of finding someone who will fit into the culture you’re creating.” But what about finding someone who can do the job? On pairing culture with talent, Boucher says, “When we search for talent, we look for three things: Are they qualified? Are they interested? Do they fit the culture? Find potential candidates who will buy into your vision and become relentless ambassadors for the business.” He also recommends finding candidates that are comfortable in wearing different hats as you may need help in other areas of your new business.

Luck Favors the Prepared

Create a hiring process with clearly defined expectations and standards (yes, even at this early stage). The reward is in the long run, when you’ll become adept at paring the best people with the best job. Hello employee number two!


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