What Makes You Jump Out of Bed?

What Makes You Jump Out of Bed?

How do we stay inspired in business even on challenging days or during the really, really busy times? Reconnect to your WHY or your reason for having this business or doing this work. Are you excited about the outcome that your hard work is creating? Can you visualize your future lifestyle? Are you creating freedom for yourself? Are you giving abundance to others? If you don’t see the point in your activities, it is probably hard to stay inspired, excited and engaged everyday. Reconnect to your WHY. Feel it, see it, imagine it.


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    Nikki – it was such a pleasure to meet you at Amanda’s shower this weekend. You are an inspiration and a resource for those who need guidance. You certainly impressed me and I am sure that your skill set is of great benefit to your clients. God Bless you for your passion, your drive, and your vision.
    Julie Castellucci (Amanda’s cousin from Ohio).

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