What is a Success Manager?

What is a Success Manager?

“You’re a Success Manager? What’s that?”

That’s the response I usually get when I introduce myself. As Success Manager, I collaborate with our leaders to enhance our events, follow up with guests after they attend an event or training to see how their experience was, and work with new members to ensure they understand how to leverage their membership.

Rainmakers is a business development community comprised of professionals who are in a marketing or selling role. We facilitate opportunities to get our members in front of their ideal client as often as they need to, whether face-toface at an event, collaborating at a Rainmakers hosted Roundtable, or through an email introduction that we create.

I hold strategy sessions with members to see where they are in their business development and recommend the opportunities on our calendar that work for them. Each member is unique and has different “needs” based on what they are working on. I work with them to understand our offerings and get them signed up for events and educational opportunities that make sense for them.

My ultimate goal is to manage the success of the Rainmakers experience- with guests, members, and out leadership team. If there is an opportunity on the calendar that is no longer attractive to members and guests, our team collaborates to decide if it stays or goes. If we hear the need for something that we do not offer, we find a way to get it on the calendar. We are ever-changing and always evolving.

Interested in learning how Rainmakers can boost your business development? Contact me! stephanie.dohnert(at)gorainmakers.com.


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