Rainmakers Young Professionals Today

Rainmakers Young Professionals

Rainmakers Young Professionals Today

This morning’s Rainmakers Young Professionals (RYP) meeting featured guest speaker Daniel Herndon from Redwall Live. Daniel was a long-time Rainmakers member and former board member, and we were excited for him to join us today. He shared his experiences as a sales person selling furniture to where he ultimately ended up, the CEO of Redwall Live, an innovative branding and advertising firm. Daniel’s message was clear: doing less means doing more. He helped us understand the importance of scaling back on the fluff on our calendars to really spending time doing what matters. He left us with a poignant final thought – “Before you leave here today, help two people in the room.” His message was well taken, as 30 minutes after the event had ended, there were several dozen young professionals in the room talking and connecting. What a great way to start our day!

Rainmakers Young Professionals (RYP) is a monthly networking event that provides a platform for Indy’s best and brightest young professionals to meet, learn, and grow. Each month we have an inspiring speaker and an opportunity to build key relationships and collaborate with other sharp, growth-oriented people. Learn more about Rainmakers Young Professionals.


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