Be, Do, Have and Give Awards

Be, Do, Have and Give Awards

By now you’ve registered  for PRIME taking place on October 27th. If you haven’t, stop reading immediately  and register (honestly, what were you thinking?).

This year, we started a new tradition of recognizing members with BE, DO HAVE and GIVE awards (click here to see who was at the last PRIME). For the October PRIME, we’re going to do it again! Be, Do. Have and Give Awards are a way for Rainmakers to recognize members who demonstrate qualities that are in alignment with the organization’s core philosophy of providing abundance for others.

The Rainmakers community is filled with individuals who create abundance for one another either personally or professionally.  What does that look like? Members hold each other accountable, they celebrate wins and support causes that are important.

The BE Award | Recognizing the character and spirit of a Rainmaker.

The DO Award | Recognizing the activity and momentum that it takes to be a Rainmaker.

The HAVE Award | Recognizing the abundance that a Rainmaker creates

The GIVE Award | Recognizing the servant leadership of a Rainmaker

The Rainmaker of the Year Award | Recognizing the best of the best

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to connect with fellow members! REGISTER FOR PRIME.


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