Business Blaze is Here!

Business Blaze is Here!

Over 65 people attended the inaugural meeting of Business Blaze, a new opportunity for Rainmakers members to learn and connect over lunch.

Featured speaker Tina Jaynes of Jaynes Consulting LLC did a phenomenal job educating us on how to lead proactively while reducing barriers.  Post event, we asked Tina what she wanted people to remember most about her presentation. She told us that “leading, as an executive, can be immensely gratifying and rewarding.” She added that “leadership requires a consistent and proactive effort to lead oneself and others towards a common goal or set of goals. The most successful and thriving leaders are able to minimize barriers and elevate their potential while reaching their goals by developing key skills that help them to lead consistently. As a leader, always challenge yourself to increase your leadership consistency.”

We had a full house at Moon Dog Tavern:

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