The Rainmaker Experience: The First 90 Days

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The Rainmaker Experience: The First 90 Days

Rainmakers has a system for on boarding new members. We do this so each member’s experience is the same and, well, because it works! When someone makes the decision to join an organization like Rainmakers, they are eager to get out there and do it all; however, we suggest a planned strategy that is results-oriented. By taking a few preliminary steps in the first 90 days of membership, our members are set up for success. So, how do we do this?

New members are invited to attend our Freshman Orientation – a 60 minute session to introduce them to Rainmakers and help them understand their investment. New members can expect to learn about the Rainmakers mission and value, our events and the differences between them, and about various educational opportunities. Most importantly, members create a plan of action for their networking based on what they discover in the session. See, that is where we are different. We want our members to be intentional about their activity with us – they take a look at all of the offerings on the calendar, and attend the opportunities that are the most fruitful, based on what they are working on. We are all about strategy and being intentional. I share best practices with new members in Freshman Orientation – great tips for newbies to networking or those who have grown frustrated over their many years of being “out there.” Freshman Orientation helps new members orientate themselves with our offerings and they leave knowing how to navigate the Rainmakers waters.

Next ,new members learn to network strategically by attending our Creating a  Word of Mouth Marketing Machine (WOMMM) training. In this 90 minute session, I help them discover who their ideal client is and uncover the best people to network with (in Rainmakers and outside our group). This way, they know who to ask for so they can be intentional about getting results from networking. The WOMMM training helps create a system for networking so they are no longer “showing up” at events to see who is there – they are clear on who they need to meet and tailor conversations to get the results they want.

After these two training opportunities, new members are encouraged to reach out to me with questions and to seek help with introductions. Meaning, when they get stuck, they contact me; when they need a name, they contact me; when they are on their way to an event and get lost, they contact me. It’s all part of my role as the Success Manager – I am here to ensure the success of our members, especially in the first 90 days. They know I am here to help them and champion them as they make their way through the Rainmakers system. The first 90 days of anything can be challenging, but having a clear system and ongoing support is a recipe for success.

If you are interested in learning more about Rainmakers and how to get involved, please contact me!


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