On Being Grateful for Gratitude

On Being Grateful for Gratitude

It’s during the months of November and December when I feel the most gracious and giving. It could be because of the numerous family gatherings or the holiday decorations hung everywhere, but I know it’s because it’s the time where I reflect most on what I’m grateful for.

At the last Rainmakers Christian Professionals, held at Launch Fishers on November 25th, the message went right along with my attitude of gratitude. Rainmakers Christian Professionals provides a platform of support to help incorporate faith in your business. It was there that the attendees were given a challenge: The 21-Day Gratitude Challenge.

That morning, gratitude was defined as “the quality of being thankful” and “to show appreciation for and to return kindness.” Everyone was provided with a small notebook. We were challenged to use the notebook as a journal to jot down the things we were grateful for. When I first started my Gratitude Journal, I only wrote down one to two words. As the days passed, my entries became paragraphs. What began as a simple “I’m grateful for my parents” turned into an in-depth explanation of everything they had done that I was thankful for and appreciated. I also noticed that I was becoming appreciative of even the smallest things. Even a delicious chocolate chip cookie made the list!

As we approach one of the biggest gift-giving holidays, I encourage you to start your own Gratitude Journal and give the gift of “Thanks.” Reach out to a co-worker and thank them for supporting you. Call a friend who recently inspired you or gave you great advice and let them know how appreciative you are of their friendship. Gratitude is a purposeful act. I challenge you to stop and be grateful.


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