Winter Serve More Initiative: Secret Families

Winter Serve More Initiative: Secret Families

Pssst! This quarter, our Serve More initiative featured Secret Families of Hamilton County. It’s no secret that built into the Rainmakers business model is the opportunity to serve others.
Started by Rainmakers member Al Holdren (Atlas Collections) in 2004, Secret Families brings Christmas to sponsored families in need by providing them with gifts, pre-decorated Christmas trees, a $50 Meijer gift card towards a holiday meal and a bible. The whole thing is delivered by volunteers to each family’s door, just in time for Christmas! For many families the kind of Christmas they want to have and the kind of Christmas they can afford to have are very different. Secret Families helps to bridge the gap.

This year 323 families were sponsored!

One of the surprising things about Secret Families is the level of personalization that is incorporated into the gift giving process. Families are asked in advance what they want for Christmas. Incidentally, all family members are asked, not just the children. Frequently, requests are modest: socks, bleach, mops, personal products and other necessities. As a result of these need based requests, Secret Families provides each family with a bag of “need to have” items in addition to the traditional offerings.
There were multiple opportunities to be involved ranging from donating cash to donating time as a shopper, gift wrapper or delivery person. Many people chose more than one volunteer role.

Thanks to all who attended and have a Merry Christmas!
Below are photos from the event:


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