A Note from RYP Board Chair Zach Taylor

A Note from RYP Board Chair Zach Taylor

This is a guest post by Zach Taylor, chair of Rainmakers Young Professionals

I went to three Rainmakers functions this week. I attended PRIME on Monday where there were 120 attendees, a great emcee in Jamar Cobb Dennard, and a plan for the road ahead. Next, it was off to Rainmakers Young Professionals (RYP) where we held our quarterly social event with a record 50 attendees packed into the None the Wiser bar at 317 Burger in Broad Ripple. Last, I attended the monthly leadership meeting for board chairs hosted by the Leadership Ambassador himself, Bryon Foley. Generally at this meeting, we share tips on how to make our respective events better as well as explore opportunities to lead with intention. This month, the energy from the event chairs helped solidify the direction that Rainmakers is headed. I have no doubt that we as a membership have a great year ahead of us.

I will leave you with this call to action: let the event chairs, the boards, and the Rainmakers staff know what YOU want out of your membership. It has been just under a year since Nikki approached me about creating a networking event for young professionals. As an Indianapolis transplant, I told her I would like to connect with younger professionals. Rainmakers has turned the chaos of a new job, new industry, new city and new people into an opportunity for clarity and organization. You can bet the next time I see the staff I will give them a hug and say thank you. Rainmakers is already in a better place than they were just three weeks ago. PRIME was a hit, RYP Social a success. I could not feel more confident that it’s a great day to be a Rainmaker.

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