May 2015

Preparation is the Key to Successful Networking

Networking scares people – it just does. Walking into a full room, talking to people you don’t know, trying to encapsulate all that you do in a 5 minute conversation can be a little overwhelming. Like anything, when you are prepared, you feel more in control and get better results. Successful networkers are prepared networkers, […]

Serve More Project: Equine-Assisted Therapy

It’s no secret that the opportunity to serve others is built into the Rainmakers business model. Each month, Rainmakers will host a Serve More Initiative, highlighting a cause passionate to Rainmakers members. On May 29th, we are partnering with Rainmakers member Tom Flanagan and Edelweiss Equine Assisted Therapy Center, Inc. to assist with the upkeep of […]

3 Questions for Tommy Richardson

Tommy Richardson recently joined Rainmakers as the Director of Training and Development. Tom will be responsible for the leadership development within the Rainmakers organization as well as leadership and personal development training for interested executives, employee groups and members. Tom has a 40+ year career that includes experience as a business and personal coach, trainer, speaker, small […]

Membership Minute: Make Time to Network

With all the demands of the work week, it often feels like there is little to no time to network. If networking and growing your circle of influence is important to you or needed for your job, you should carve out time to make this happen. Rainmakers Success Manager Stephanie Dohnert shares ways to leverage […]

Easy Video Marketing with Your Phone

Easy Video Marketing with Your Phone

Marketing Essentials Roundtable This is our 3rd member exclusive roundtable session in the series. Join Neil Richmund with Strategix Marketing and Tina Imperial with Rainmakers on May 12th for easy tips and strategies to get you started with video marketing. Register HERE