3 Questions for Tommy Richardson

3 Questions for Tommy Richardson

Tommy Richardson Business Coaching

Tommy Richardson recently joined Rainmakers as the Director of Training and Development. Tom will be responsible for the leadership development within the Rainmakers organization as well as leadership and personal development training for interested executives, employee groups and members.

Tom has a 40+ year career that includes experience as a business and personal coach, trainer, speaker, small business owner, sales manager and insurance executive with a major insurance company. A certified mental performance coach and an active high school football coach, Tom has worked with athletes, coaches, parents and business people to help them reach their potential. He is an active member of Toastmasters International and has held all offices in that organization, including past international president.

Tom practices the performance and leadership skills he teaches. He trains for and participates in competitive power lifting and holds the Indiana record in his age bracket and the world record in 100% raw natural power lifting. Tom has been a martial arts practitioner for nine years.

I spoke with Tom a few days ago while he was prepping for his upcoming session, Develop Your Presentation SkillsSignupbutton

What brings you to Rainmakers?

Going back around 7 or 8 years, I was looking for learning and growth opportunities. It was then I was introduced to the Rainmakers concept. As I became more involved via workshops and educational opportunities, I became friends with Nikki Lewallen the executive director of Rainmakers.

When should someone work with a business coach?

When they’re stuck and need a push, usually both personally and professionally. I teach people to leverage what they know to get results. Within that framework I help people recognize their potential and set goals to achieve results. No matter what I’m helping with, coaching can only work if there is a trust relationship between both parities. If this relationship doesn’t exist then coaching doesn’t work.

How do you keep so fit?

I’ve been involved in athletics for over 30 years. I believe that your physical state affects your mental state. I’m not as sharp mentally when I don’t have a workout, so working out is a priority. It’s funny, people my age quit being physical too soon. Just because you don’t operate at the same level as you used to doesn’t mean you should call it quits on your physical well being. Also, sleep and nutrition are key.

We are thrilled to have Tommy Richardson as part of our team! Interested in learning from Tommy? Join us May 28th for Develop Your Presentation Skills with Tommy Richardson.

This session is free for Rainmakers members.


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