June Serve More Project: Horses and Hope

June Serve More Project: Horses and Hope

This months’ Rainmakers Serve More initiative revolved around helping Edelweiss Equine Assisted Therapy Center. Edelweiss and their owners are dedicated to improving the quality of lives of people with special needs.

We arrived early in the afternoon and were greeted by a large Clydesdale who recently made residence at Edelweiss. Each horse has a special responsibility in the center. Some pull carts while some are used for horseback riding. Using horses for therapy has been proven to be very effective in building confidence, improving communication and giving personal insights to participants involved with equine assisted therapy. We spent the day painting horse stalls, painting benches and shoveling manure.

We had a good amount of volunteers including Tom Flanagan (Edelweiss Director), Amber Girard, Amy Owens, Nancy Sunshine, Kyle Reinhard, Robert Webster, David Voelker, Neil Osburn, Michael Dolan and Dan Rodgers. Even if we left the ranch covered in paint and smelling to high heavens, we were able to help an amazing group of volunteers and directors.

Guest post submitted by Clint Seefeldt, Board Chair for Serve More Projects and Financial Representative with Principal Financial Group. Connect with Clint on Twitter: @clintjseefeldt



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