3 Posts About Networking

3 Posts About Networking

Most people just show up for networking events without preparing. That’s why time spent networking results in either frustration or glory; it can be a crap shoot. Unfortunately, most end up in the frustration camp. If you think of meeting new people as an acquired skill, then, like any other skill, it takes practice and education to achieve proficiency. These three good reads will help you get on your way to better networking:

How to Network the Right Way: 8 Tips

If you skim this post by Andrew Vest, then let me help.  Skip down to paragraph three and read a sincere and accurate definition of networking – it reads like poetry.

7 Networking Tips for Introverts, Extroverts, and the Socially Awkward

Meeting new people is part art and part skill. Add in the seemingly insurmountable hurdles of being shy and you’ll never leave the office. This post by Christina Desmarais tells you how to muscle through any social event.

10 Tips for Successful Business Networking 

This listicle offers quick, painless and memorable points to improve your networking experiences.

If you’re looking to practice your new found people skills in Indiana, then join us at at our next event.


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