3 Ways to Grow as an Entrepreneur

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3 Ways to Grow as an Entrepreneur

Guest post by Tina Jaynes, CEO and Founder Jaynes Consulting, LLC 

As a business owner, growth expert, and life-long learner, I have come to love the show “The Profit.” The show focuses on serial entrepreneur and investor, Marcus Lemonis, as he helps save jobs and grow struggling businesses across America. Simply put, if he thinks a business has potential he will invest his money, knowledge, and connections to help a company reach their full potential.

What makes Marcus successful is his focus on three significant areas of a business which include the people, processes, and product(s) a company produces. I completely agree with this approach and leverage these areas when I help entrepreneurs advance their careers.

Each area needs time and attention in your business. Here is why:

People : You will think harder versus smarter if you try to do everything alone. As you continue to develop as a leader in your business, establish partnerships with others who can help you reach more idea clients, think bigger about your business, and remove internal or external barriers. Ask yourself, are you creating a support network to help you reach your full potential?

Process : Franchises and companies that have existed for years do so because their business models work! They evolve, enable others to execute with confidence, and know what works well for their clients. Take time to study what you like about other business models compared to your current processes. Ask yourself, is your business model working for you, your team, and your clients?

Product : The best products and services fix a problem, anticipate a need, and/or bring comfort to others. Know your industry well so you can be ahead of the trends and provide a consistent experience full of the quality your clients will vouch for. Ask yourself, where do you need to anticipate the next change in your business?

The goal is to find the right balance of people, process, and products for sustainable success. It also positions you to have a competitive advantage from others in your industry. You will know when you reach that moment because you will feel empowered, resilient, and successful!

D. Tina Jaynes

Tina Jaynes is the CEO and Founder of Jaynes Consulting, LLC. Her company has helped many emerging leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives experience 4x their desired growth. She has over 20 years in Corporate America and several successful entrepreneurship endeavors. She completed her Bachelors and Executive Masters degree at Purdue University. Currently, she is obtaining a PhD in International Psychology. Contact tina.jaynes@jaynesconsulting.com to learn more about partnering with her company. Follow Tina on Twitter: @JConsultingLLC and Instagram: @jaynesconsultingllc




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