Are you missing opportunities on LinkedIn?

Are you missing opportunities on LinkedIn?

This is a guest post by Dave Meeker,Bringing Technology to You LLC

Are you missing opportunities? Your LinkedIn account is working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. What if there were a way to customize your urgent and important notifications from your LinkedIn account?

Engaging your audience:

There are 2 main ways you can engage with your audience on LinkedIn:


A passive approach might involve

  • scrolling through your timeline, watching what other people are posting.
  • sending noncustomized “Congrats” messages for new jobs and career benchmarks.
  • providing verbiage-heavy responses on posts.
  • sending noncustomized LinkedIn connection requests.


An active approach might involve

  • connecting with attendees at Rainmakers networking events and asking “How can I help?”
  • sharing articles and posts on LinkedIn that will provide value to your audience along with short, concise comments.
  • setting one-on-one networking appointments to help others reach their prospective clients.
  • sending customized LinkedIn connection requests that include your value proposition.

Leveraging your notifications:

Many people miss opportunities because they aren’t notified in a timely fashion regarding activity with their LinkedIn account.

Step 1:

Manage your account settings from the Privacy & Settings section of your profile. Select the Communications tab, and you can then manage the types and frequency of e-mails from LinkedIn and change the selection for notifications to “No Email.” The goal is to manage your notifications from the LinkedIn app versus from your e-mail.


Step 2:

Customize your notifications from your LinkedIn account by selecting “Set push notification settings” under the Communications tab. It’s best to rely on monitoring your notifications from the app via your mobile device.

image (1)

The most important notifications are when someone

  • sends you an invitation.
  • accepts your connection request.
  • sends you a direct message.
  • looks at your profile.

Step 3:

Set your mobile device to alert you in a locked screen when there’s a notification from LinkedIn. A screen shot from an iPhone is below.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 4.00.50 PM

This process will require some patience and adjusting over time. You can leverage these notifications as opportunities to engage with your LinkedIn audience in a timely manner. For the Android app, click here.


There are many ways to measure results, but it takes time to build relationships. Relationships are one of the key elements to moving forward with a potential sale. You can measure your results within LinkedIn by the number of people who have viewed your profile over the last 90 days.

Keep moving forward:

Engaging with your audience is a process that takes time to develop. Regardless of any setbacks you might encounter, your mission is to share your knowledge with others and develop your LinkedIn relationships. 

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Dave Meeker is a social media brand strategist, digital storyteller, content marketer and career concierge. He is a Social Media Business Strategist at Bringing Technology to You LLC.

Dave works with companies to identify and leverage their brands on social media. Since he has cracked the algorithm on LinkedIn, this process typically begins with an optimized LinkedIn profile and an engaging LinkedIn company page.

Want to learn more about LinkedIn? See Dave’s webinar: Stand Out From the Crowd.


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