Time Management for a Busy Sales Person

Time Management for a Busy Sales Person

Guest post by Troy Hanna, President, AddressTwo

Time is money, and this old adage is especially true in the business world. Time flies, and when you don’t have all the info at your fingertips, you’re wasting it. Customers are waiting, you are getting anxious, and things seem to be getting out of control. But this can end. Three words: Customer Relationship Management.

There’s no doubt that CRM has changed the business and small business as we know it. A good CRM software can help a salesperson to organize their time better, increase customer satisfaction and increase revenues.

Let’s see how our Simple CRM software can help busy salespeople manage their time more efficiently:

  • Administrative tasks

Administrative tasks are among the most time-consuming and boring tasks that salespeople have to tackle. But still, it needs to be done. Now, you can leave that to CRM. Simple CRM software can store all the info so you don’t have to go through hundreds of emails while trying to find customer data. In addition, with cloud-based CRM software a sales person can access task management, customer communication, sales analytics and much more wherever and whenever they want to.

  • Prospecting

Prospecting is something that every salesperson needs to do. But you’re not a machine, and every now and then it slips your mind especially during those peak hours. That’s why CRM software schedules the prospecting and helps you stay on track. Since these tasks (such as cold calls and emails to prospective buyers) aren’t the most interesting ones, people tend to neglect them. By scheduling them you will always be sure that you’ve sent the right number of emails every time and on time.

  •  Getting to know your customers

Today customers expect a personalized service, and you need to be ready to offer that. Since they are trusting you with their money, they want something in return – understanding and knowledge of their previous purchases from your company and much more. A good CRM software enables salespeople to view all the past purchases and interactions with the customer. You don’t have to go through thousands of messages to get that. One click and you’ll know everything you need to know to close that sale. CRM software saves you some time that you can use to focus on something more urgent. Eventually, knowing your customer leads to increased customer satisfaction as well as customer retention.  

For more great information on CRM and how having one helps companies just like yours, reach out to fellow rainmakers at www.AddressTwo.com your local Indianapolis Small Business CRM company.

Troy Hanna

Troy Hanna is an enthusiastic Marketing and Advertising Executive who excels in Business Development, Marketing, and Leadership. Troy has spent the last several years working with the team at AddressTwo, an SaaS company, to develop it into the go-to-resource for small businesses seeking a CRM solution. In 2013, Troy was promoted to President of AddressTwo, after several successful years as Director of Business Development and Marketing.


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