The Force is Strong in Rainmakers

The Force is Strong in Rainmakers

Guest Post by Coach Roz a.k.a. Rosalyn Harris. She’s using the Force to help us change our ways.

In a galaxy far, far away, it is a dark time for the Rainmakers. Although the Twinkie-Star has been destroyed, Disease-of-Doomed Troopers have driven the Rainmakers forces from their hidden base and pursued them from across the cornfield.

Evading the dreaded artery-clogging Imperial Margarine, a group of Rainmakers Fighters led by Lewallen Skywalker has established a new secret base on the remote world of Cruciferous.  The evil lord Darth Decline, obsessed with finding Lewallen Skywalker, has dispatched hundreds of remote traps into space to defeat the Rainmakers.

Lewallen Skywalker wonders if Rainmakers will survive this new threat.

The challenge for Rainmakers is to not only achieve success in business and wealth, but success in health as well.

Now we’ll find out.  Does Lewallen Skywalker and Rainmakers have what it takes to figure this out? Rainmakers ought to be happy and healthy, but will the Force be strong enough?  Sadly, some Rainmakers are already losing the fight while others will soon be under attack…

Fortunately,  there is a place where Big Food Companies, Food Pushers, Poor Lifestyle Habits, Confusion, Struggles and Stress are no match. This place holds the key to victory.  In this place, you’ll find Guides, who help make 2016 your year to get fit, eat nutritiously and be well…

The Guides have the roadmap to restore confidence and control.  The Guides understand that though Twinkie-Star was defeated, new enemies will jump up and take them off course. You must follow the Force or fall victim to Quick-Fix Weapon and Disease-of-Doom Troopers.

Do You Know The 3-Part Plan For Great Weight Control & Good Health?

  • Effective Fitness
  • Consistent Clean Eating
  • Solid Well-being

Like it or not achieving and sustaining good personal health is challenging, because you’re battling external problems (like fake foods, fad diets) and internal problems (like lack of motivation and personal barriers). On top of all of this, when you neglect just one part of the plan, your good health falls apart. Let’s get better together! 

Join us for May’s Be Well Challenge Brown Bag Lunch Event! Coach Roz will be your guide. 

Prefer a private consultant, schedule a call with me:

  • I will make sure you get off the phone feeling clear about what you want to do next and how to make it happen.


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