3 Posts About Coachability

3 Posts About Coachability

You’re chugging along in your work life and all of a sudden there’s a roadblock. You know what I’m talking about – it’s that instant you need help from someone outside of your computer (sorry Google).  You need need a guide…you need a coach.  

To get to the next level of anything, people often turn to help from others like a mentor, coach or friend. But, just because someone needs help doesn’t mean they’re willing to accept help. This attitude doesn’t bode well for your company if you expect to get employees to move beyond their own limitations. 

What it Means to Be Coachable and Why You Should Care

Coaching relationships don’t have to be complex. They can be as simple as having someone keep you accountable, much like an athletic coach. Accountability keeps you moving forward towards your goals. 

No Matter How Good You Are at Anything a Coach Makes You Better

Being coachable requires some specific traits: humility, action bias, purity of purpose, a willingness to surrender control and faith. Want to know if that’s you?

Are You Coachable? The Five Steps to Coachability

What do you need help with?



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