3 Easy Ways to Be Visible on LinkedIn

3 Easy Ways to Be Visible on LinkedIn

We host in-person networking events, because we believe that over time they create long lasting connections both personally and professionally. Realistically, though, you can’t physically be at every networking event. Enter social media: LinkedIn connects you with people when you can’t connect in person. Here are 3 ways to stay top-of-mind on LinkedIn.

Share an Update: As a subject matter expert in your field, sharing updates with your network provides useful information. Sharing an update will show up in the newsfeed of the people you’re connected to. LinkedIn even gives analytics on how many views your update generated. To share an update, find a link to an online article and click on Share and Update. Paste the link in the box. LinkedIn will populate the post with a title and photo (if one accompanies your link). Personalize your update by adding your own comments.


Endorse Someone: Endorse people in your network for skills they possess. Endorsements will show up in the newsfeed of the person you’re endorsing. They help add credibility to profiles and people appreciate receiving them. To endorse someone, click on their profile. LinkedIn will ask you to check off the skills you want to endorse your connection for. Here’s an in depth post about how to control the skills you want to be endorsed for on LinkedIn.


Make a Comment: Despite the business-only vibe on LinkedIn, it’s still a social network. Get into the habit of commenting and liking other people’s updates. Comments provide an opportunity to contribute to a conversation. Comments and likes show up in your newsfeed and the newsfeed of your network connections. To make a comment, click on the comment link at the bottom of any update and type in your comments.


Systematize your efforts by engaging on LinkedIn weekly. The 3 tips here take only minutes to execute. While LinkedIn doesn’t replace in-person networking, periodic activity can keep you visible to strategic partners and potential clients.


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