Leveraging Your Rainmakers Membership

Leveraging Your Rainmakers Membership

Thanks to all of you who took the time to share feedback on our recent member survey. We asked the question “Why are you a Rainmakers Member?” and we received a variety of great responses. Reading the responses prompted me to write this blog post so that I might share some new ideas that you can leverage to reach your goals. I want each of you to be fully aware of how you can truly leverage our community and our team to help you grow your business and yourself. 

1. The More You Give, The More You Will Receive.

Our mantra in Rainmakers is Be More, Serve More. As Rainmakers, we work to be the best possible version of ourselves while identifying as many opportunities as possible to pay it forward. Help a fellow Rainmaker with a new connection, give advice or serve a cause in our community through Serve More (Rainmakers community service projects). Keep score of your giving. Hold yourself accountable to helping a certain number of people every week. That practice is like a boomerang – it will come back to you in big ways.

2. Teach and Lead.

The best way to master something is to teach it. And a great way to build relationships is through teaching. What kind of topics could you teach other Rainmakers? How about leading in the organization? Let our team help you tie your strengths and passions into a leadership position in Rainmakers. Email us at: iwanttolead@gorainmakers.com

3. Leverage the Mavens.

In any community you belong, get to know the most connected individuals. In Rainmakers, get to know the team. The Rainmakers team meets over 100 new people each month just through guests at events. Does our team know who you are looking to meet? We should. We can search our member, alumni and guest database to help you with introductions. Even better, if you train us on your ideal connections, we will proactively think of you and connect you.

4. Get Specific.

Make a list of your ideal clients by company name. Create a 5 point description of your ideal client. Share this with as many Rainmakers as possible. You never know who someone’s brother is or next door neighbor, let alone their clients. When we are proactive and specific, outstanding business development results can happen. Attend a LinkedIn Roundtable to see massive results! http://gorainmakers.com/events/

5. Sharpen Your Saw

As Stephen Covey says, “your greatest asset is you.” Rainmakers consistently invest in personal development to be the very best version of themselves. Attend an upcoming live training or webinar http://gorainmakers.com/events/ or find a mentor (mentorU@gorainmakers.com). MentorU pairs Rainmakers with other Rainmakers who would benefit from one on one coaching on a limited basis.
Please keep an eye out for upcoming Rainmakers University and GOSPA sessions – more information on these tools coming soon!


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