Business Blaze Revisited: Abdul-Hakim Shabazz Video

Business Blaze Revisited: Abdul-Hakim Shabazz Video

Last month we relaunched Business Blaze with guest speaker Abdul-Hakim Shabazz. His discussion and Q&A session on the 2016 election and Indiana politics was insightful, candid and timely. In case you missed it, here is the full live video with a map to discussion highlights.


Video Map:

4:55 – Introduction of Stephan Kirk, Blaze Board chair, and Business Blaze board members

17:12 – Introduction of Abdul-Hakim Shabaz

19:26 – How Donald Trump became a presidential nominee

27:56 – On Indiana senate race, Evan Bayh, Todd Young

32:24 – Questions from audience

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*Cover image courtesy of Dave Meeker, Bringing Technology to You LLC

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