PRIME 2016 Revisited

PRIME 2016 Revisited

Twinkle lights on the patio and unusually warm weather created the ideal backdrop for cocktails and conversation with good friends.

I have always enjoyed the Rainmakers tradition of having an organization-wide celebratory event – some call it a party. Given that we host many monthly events, you’d think we’d grow tired of yet another one. Nope. We don’t.

This one is special and we call it PRIME. An annual Rainmakers event, PRIME gives us an opportunity to catch up with people we might not otherwise see at the usual events, trainings and community service activities.

Best of all, we get to recognize selected members for the PRIME awards: BE Award, DO Award, HAVE Award, GIVE Award, and Rainmaker of the Year. So without further adieu, here they are!

Rainmaker of the Year: David Voelker

The RAINMAKER OF THE YEAR exemplifies the consummate business person who has great breadth and depth in both personal and professional influence.

If you met David at a Rainmakers event, you may have confused him for a full time staff member. At events, he’s made it a habit to talk with every guest in the room to ensure that each one feels welcome. While he may not be a Rainmakers staff member, David is Rainmakers #1 (really, he’s the first member of Rainmakers). David has excellent follow through to make the connections promised. He loves his work! Apart from work and Rainmakers, David devotes much of his time to learning about local nonprofits and connecting them with the people they need know to grow their mission.

BE Award: Tina Jaynes

The BE award recognizes the character and spirit of a Rainmaker.

Tina ​is a servant leader who is always looking to build up those around her. She has a role as an event board chair as well as an educator who excels at guiding others through personal growth. She’s a warm, hospitable and reliable individual.

DO Award: John Caves

DO award recognizes the activity and momentum that it takes to be a Rainmaker

John may be convicted and inspiring, but above all he takes action. Recently stepping into the role as Chair of Rainmakers Christian professionals, he has guided the growth of the event, in effect increasing engagement. John’s leadership has empowered others to act and succeed.

HAVE Award: Justin Steill

​The HAVE award recognizes the abundance that a Rainmaker creates.

Justin has grown an excellent business and brand in Indy. He’s involved in many boards and community initiatives and continues to be an engaged servant leader. As a Rainmakers member, he facilitated numerous introductions to strategic relationships and brought several keynote speakers to the community.

GIVE Award: Michael Rothenberger

​The GIVE award recognizes the servant leadership of a Rainmaker.

Michael serves in various leadership positions in the Rainmakers community and around Indy. He passionately serves the needs of his client base and empowers his team to do the same by guiding them to excel in their roles. You can’t miss Michael. He always has a smile and makes others feel welcome.


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