January 2017

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Meet the Newest Rainmakers!

Let’s welcome our newest members! How can we help you? The Mustard Seed of Central Indiana Natalia Blondet http://mustardseedindy.org/ Paychex Payroll Services Holden Crossland http://www.paychex.com/ Certell Fred Fransen http://www.certell.org/ State Farm Kelly Griffis https://www.statefarm.com/ Million & Company P.C. Timothy Higgins http://www.millionco.com/ Severns & Howard Anna Howard http://severns.com/ Law Office of Alan Kovalsky Alan Kovalsky http://www.kovalskylaw.net/ […]

Why the People Who Don’t Know You Matter Most

On a classic episode of Conan O’Brien’s self-titled TV show, the wildly famous entertainer had an impromptu conversation with several young women from South Korea. The basis of the joke was that the girls had no idea who he was. To western audiences, this, of course, seems impossible. All of us could have a similar […]

Featured ConnectTech Panelist: Jen Handley, Fizziology

For the second year in a row, we’ll feature a special panel discussion on upcoming tech trends in Indiana and beyond. We’re honored to have Jen Handley as one of our panelists. Jen is Co-creator of Fizziology, a social media research company recognized nationally for working with the movie industry. According to an IBJ interview […]