Mickey Maurer to Speak at Blaze in July

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Mickey Maurer to Speak at Blaze in July

The Blaze board made an excellent call by inviting Mickey Maurer to speak at Rainmakers Business Blaze, an event that consistently attracts business owners, CPAs, attorneys, business development people and others who are interested in creating success for themselves and others.

Google Mickey Maurer and the search results blossom into a long list of accolades and accomplishments:

“I marvel at Mickey’s perseverance and passion by which he pursues the things that are important to him,” praises Christel House Founder and CEO Christel DeHaan. (via Townpost.com)

“He is making a difference. What a great testimony to living a purposeful life.” (via Townepost.com)

Mauer will speak on the topic of “What They Don’t Teach You in School About Entrepreneurship.”

Mistakes are not usually fatal. Often with proper damage control you can still win the day. – Mickey Maurer

Much of his discussion will be based on his successes and failures as an entrepreneur. Reflecting on his dealings in various industries, Maurer realized his successes were the result of lessons learned from his setbacks. While we’re certain that the entrepreneurs among you can relate, Maurer’s insight will be useful to anybody who wants to get smarter at business. 

Fortunately, Maurer wrote a book about the wisdom he gained from his experiences. The book entitled “10 Essential Principles of Entrepreneurship” will be available to the first 30 people who attend the event.

Michael S. (“Mickey”) Maurer’s career as an attorney and entrepreneur has included cable television, film production, radio broadcasting, publishing, real estate and banking. Mickey serves as Chairman of the Board of IBJ Corporation and IBJ Book Publishing, LLC. IBJ owns and publishes The Indianapolis Business Journal, Court and Commercial Record, and The Indiana Lawyer.

Attend Business Blaze on July 19

Join the Business Blaze Board, Rainmakers members and guests for a riveting discussion on entrepreneurship with guest speaker Mickey Maurer. 


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