When Two Heads are Better Than One

How to get a Rainmakers mentor

When Two Heads are Better Than One

We’re not trying to keep MentorU a secret. Surprise! Rainmakers has a mentoring program. While Rainmakers members have access to plenty of events and activities, at certain times in your career, the usual fare may not be enough. Maybe you need access to someone with more experience. Maybe you have a problem to solve. Maybe you need advice from outside your usual circle of influence. These are areas where Rainmakers MentorU could help.

What is MentorU?

MentorU is a mentorship program designed to help facilitate growth!  MentorU helps you grow personally and professionally through a one-to-one relationship that’s tailored to your interests. It’s designed for Rainmakers by Rainmakers and requires active participation to be successful.

Why Get a Mentor

Achieving personal/professional milestones leads to increased job satisfaction and overall well-being. The Rainmakers community is committed to the betterment of its members. Mentoring, whether it occurs within an organization or outside it, provides several benefits such as access to feedback, help with maintaining focus, a mutual learning experience and more.

How it Works

Get paired with a mentor and work together on up to 3 topics of your choice. Your mentor will communicate with you on a regular basis to help you work through your topic. See Topic Examples.

Want to get the details on how to get started with a MentorU?

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