Virtual Networking: The Cure for Networking on a Rainy Day

Virtual Networking: The Cure for Networking on a Rainy Day

Let’s take care of the elephant in the room first. Not all business development activities take place in person. If you’re using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc. you know what I mean. With the rise of online communication including the trend toward remote work, it made sense to add a virtual component to our existing line of networking events.

We still love in-person events and the meaningful connections that can only take place because you’re sharing a physical space. However, offering an online event allows people to connect when they are unable to attend an in-person event. Starting in Q4 we added virtual networking to our events calendar. Scheduled in 30 minute sessions, Virtual Networking is intended to be a quick and easy way for members to participate in the Rainmakers community.

How to participate in a Rainmakers Virtual Networking event:


Virtual Networking sessions include up to 9 people. Register for a given session to receive your unique link to the webinar. See the event calendar for upcoming dates and times.

Meet the Moderator

Nancy Sunshine, Rainmakers President, will handle introductions, moderate the time and, time permitting, take questions at the conclusion of the event.

Share Your Webcam

When it’s your turn to introduce yourself, you will be asked to share your webcam, so you’ll be visible to the group. We use GoToWebinar for our webinars and the control panel looks like this. Click the video camera (designated at C below) to share your image.

Prepare a 3 Minute Introduction

This is where your elevator pitch comes in. Minimally, you want to answer these three questions: Who are you? Where do you work? How do you help others/what problem do you solve?

Given the three minute time frame, this is not a good time to ad lib an introduction. Take time to craft an effective elevator pitch.

Follow-up After the Event

After the event, participants who are Rainmakers members will receive the contact information of everyone who attended. You can also follow-up  with participants via the Rainmakers app which is available to Rainmakers members. Not a member? Contact us. 

We’re excited about this new offering and hope you’ll join us for the next event soon!



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