Best Ways to Onboard New People

Best Ways to Onboard New People

Most business owners think that once they hire a new employee all the hard work is done. Wrong. Attracting and retaining employees is an ongoing process. On-boarding new people is an opportunity for you to nurture the relationship you just started.

When you hire a new person, what do you do to get them up and running? Here are three useful posts on onboarding:

The Do’s and Don’ts for Successful Onboarding

This is a handy list of tips on how to onboard and engage new employees.

Are You Really Onboarding Your Employees The Best Way Possible?

A step beyond onboarding would be employee integration. Here’s how to strengthen your company culture when you add someone new.

How to Improve Your Employee Training Process to Reduce Turnover by 40%

This is a comprehensive post on not only why onboarding is important but how onboarding can be a structured process within your organization. It includes  links to reading material and a sample timeline for onboarding.





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