What People are Saying…

Rainmakers Networking

What People are Saying…

There are several excellent networking organizations in the Indianapolis area and we’re proud to be one of them. Many factors come into play when choosing a networking organization, including the time and resources you will devote to participate in one. Here’s why one of our members recommends Rainmakers.

“Being in sales my entire professional career, I value networking and the importance it holds in building relationships. Over the years I have visited with, been a member of or sat on the board of some great networking groups.

Rainmakers is the organization that I recommend the strongest to fellow professionals when discussing networking. The meetings are set up regularly, but you are not forced to attend each one. I go to meetings that fit into my schedule and enjoy the new networking events the Rainmakers team puts together each year. Every event has quality, friendly professionals that have proven to be assets for me personally and professionally.

The new Rainmakers app is a great resource for 2018. All members are at my fingertips to set follow-up meetings with and the event calendar is great for keeping up to date with what’s coming up. Regardless of which social media platform is your cup of tea, you can find Rainmakers there through the app.

It has been a great experience for me and my company being a part of Rainmakers. I am looking forward to many more years of building relationships.”

– Chris Hoover, District Manager, Indiana, Insperity

Here’s what’s happening at Rainmakers this month.  


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