Virtual Networking: Create a Filter for Productive Networking

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Virtual Networking: Create a Filter for Productive Networking

There is a myth that I want to stomp on and it goes something like this: virtual networking shortcuts the networking process. Wrong! Virtual networking sessions are NOT meant to replace human connection. The opposite is actually true. Virtual networking is the filter for productive networking – a means to an end.

We can all agree that the purpose of networking is to build meaningful win-win relationships. Virtual networking helps you filter connections to better determine which ones to spend time on. Let’s be real, we can’t spend time developing deep relationships with every person we meet.

Smart networking is when you spend time with people AND it is mutually beneficial for all involved.

So here are my tips to leveraging a Rainmakers Virtual Networking Session:

  1. Prepare a short, impactful introduction. Need help with this? Attend this workshop for crafting a unique selling proposition.
  2. Prepare to be descriptive on the best types of relationships for you (you always want to be able to paint a picture for someone of who you want to meet, no matter if you are virtual or live networking). Descriptors can include: size, industry, point of contact by title, trigger event, etc
  3. Listen to others introductions and identify the ones you can help by writing them down and taking notes on your thoughts
  4. Follow up with the people who could help you or who you can help!

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