Podcast from The Badass Womens Council ft. Nikki Lewallen

Podcast from The Badass Womens Council ft. Nikki Lewallen

Have you heard of 
The Badass Womens Council?

Check out this awesome podcast episode from The Badass Womens Council, featuring our very own, the CEO of Rainmakers, Nikki Lewallen. Nikki drops some major wisdom in this episode that will serve you well in the new year! Nikki knows people and she knows business, it’s no wonder her mission is to help more people love Mondays. The other sweet girl in the pic is Tonka Jane, listen to hear how she spreads happiness!

Tune in for thought provoking discussions, business boosting ideas, rants, and a little ridiculousness. We’re here to invest in strong women seeking a life of BADASSERY!



We believe self-awareness is the x-factor to success.  We also know that with self awareness, comes a fair amount of “head trash”.  Those thoughts that spin in our minds and tell us things that aren’t really true but beg us to believe it!

We’re here to help you “TAKE OUT THE TRASH!”


We’re not meant to do life alone.  We’re certainly not wired to care for everyone else and then try and handle OUR stuff alone.  We’re here to help you intentionally connect with those that will invest in you and your journey.

DO YOU! Just Don’t Do It Alone!



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