Seen. Heard. Valued: How to Increase Business Loyalty

Seen. Heard. Valued: How to Increase Business Loyalty

You walk into a store, and you’re instantly greeted by name. Employees go out of their way to talk to you. They help you pick out exactly what you’re looking for.

Then, you walk into a different store. Nobody says a word upon your entrance. No help is offered – the employee barely looks up from her phone.

As a customer, you want to feel seen, heard, and valued. When you feel this way, you get excited about being a loyal customer.

Ali Cudby is the founder of Your Iconic Brand, a company that helps leaders increase business loyalty. She gets it. She understands customers.

70% of a person’s purchase intention is impacted by how they feel in the interaction – not the product’s features or benefits.

So, how are employee engagement and customer loyalty connected? Ali explains everything you need to know when it comes to shopping at your favorite [or maybe least favorite] stores. 

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