Networking 1-1 Tips by Patty Pavey

Networking 1-1 Tips by Patty Pavey

Speed networking is a great way to meet someone new or re-connect with someone you have not seen or talked with for a long time. Remember in speed networking you have a timer and it will cut off.

Here are some tips to make the speed networking experience fun and energizing for you and your business in the development of valued relationships.

• Keep track of time, remember you have 1/2 of the time on the clock. 3-minutes TOTAL per session.
• Each person give their personal speed networking introduction and then ask questions and share so that each has time to speak.
• Create a Public Service Announcement or 30-second or less introduction that you are
comfortable with to introduce yourself.
• Have a notebook to take notes. Jot down names when you want to remember or connect again. Writing one memorable thing about each person will help you when you touch base following the event. And if you offered to connect them with someone or send them something, make note of it so you remember to follow through on your commitment to them.
• On this platform when 2 people in the speed-networking chat space decide they want to reconnect, be sure to click the information button at the top of the chat space so that you can have access to the contact information for each other. It is mportant that both of you request the information.
• After the event schedule a block of time to reflect on the list of people you want to connect with again. Touch base with them by a professional email, text, or phone call. Schedule a Virtual Coffee, phone conversation, or meeting to continue the conversation and start building a business relationship.
• Have Fun and Enjoy the Speed of Networking

Suggested Public Service Announcement Template:
Hi, I am (your first name) and…
I work with ______________(ideal client/target market) who struggle with ________________(challenge) and who would like to ______________(benefit or results).

Add your tag line if you have one…


Additional questions to ask each other:
Be prepared to ask others questions about their ideal client or target market, Do you have common clients? ( you might be good strategic partners) Ask about the benefits or results.

Ask questions that come to mind….. I am sure you have some to add to the list.
• How did you get started in your industry or business?
• What do you enjoy the most about your business?
• What is the most exciting thing going on in your industry right now?
• What would help right now to make your job easier?

Enjoy your Speed Networking Experience!


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