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How to network with Rainmakers

Virtual Networking: Create a Filter for Productive Networking

There is a myth that I want to stomp on and it goes something like this: virtual networking shortcuts the networking process. Wrong! Virtual networking sessions are NOT meant to replace human connection. The opposite is actually true. Virtual networking is the filter for productive networking – a means to an end. We can all […]

Where to network

Be Choosy When You Network

I remember when I used to run around from networking event to networking event. I am pretty sure it was normal for me to knock out at least 10 meetings in a week. That effort is the reason I have nearly 10,000 contacts on LinkedIn, but when it comes to my sanity and enjoyment, I […]

Be the Hero of Your Career

What is the point of spending the majority of Monday through Friday miserable? Can you believe that 70% of people in the US are not engaged in their work? That is a Gallup statistic that has not changed for over fifteen years. The statistic actually says that only 30% of people are engaged at work. […]

What Drives You?

As I was sitting in a coffee shop today meeting with a lovely new connection, she stopped me mid-sentence to ask, “What drives you?” Feeling rather dumbfounded for a minute, I’m sure my facial expression gave my surprise away. She explained that she was inspired by the energy I had towards all that I was sharing […]

Leveraging Your Rainmakers Membership

Thanks to all of you who took the time to share feedback on our recent member survey. We asked the question “Why are you a Rainmakers Member?” and we received a variety of great responses. Reading the responses prompted me to write this blog post so that I might share some new ideas that you can leverage […]

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Get Okay with Being Uncomfortable

What if each time you felt uncomfortable, challenged or pressured, you, instead, started to look at the situation as the launching pad for something big? What if you could embrace a challenge while you are going through it because you truly believe it is helping you get to a greater place? Let’s be real. Usually, […]

What Makes You Jump Out of Bed?

What Makes You Jump Out of Bed?

How do we stay inspired in business even on challenging days or during the really, really busy times? Reconnect to your WHY or your reason for having this business or doing this work. Are you excited about the outcome that your hard work is creating? Can you visualize your future lifestyle? Are you creating freedom […]

Rainmakers Launches Why? Faith Event

As a Rainmakers member, the entire process starts when we understand your WHY. More importantly, we want you to know and clearly articulate your WHY to others. Your WHY is what drives you, keeps you excited and inspired about what you are doing and makes you feel like you are making a difference in your […]

Focus, Accountability and Results

Focus, Accountability and Results

Last week someone asked me to sum up in as few words as possible what we do at Rainmakers. Challenge accepted. Rainmakers creates success and abundance for business owners and sales professionals. The reason our organization and members are successful is because we all follow a simple (not easy) process. While it takes hard work […]

A Mentoring Environment as a Networking Platform

A Mentoring Environment as a Networking Platform

Mentoring is such an important practice, especially for those of us who are entrepreneurs or carry an entrepreneurial streak. We move fast and have a lot to juggle so we need a consistent system to stay inspired, help others, and get advice and feedback. The reason I say we need a system is so that we […]