Rainmakers Downtown Indy

Rainmakers Downtown Launch a Success

Guest post by Rainmakers member Nick Petrone, netlogx  Greetings to all and thank you so much for ​giving your time to join the festivities for the inaugural Rainmakers’ Develop Downtown event. The Rainmakers Team did their typical outstanding work ​in​ providing an excellent venue and warm hospitality. Wasn’t the Indiana Historical Society fabulous? I am embarrassed […]

The Force is Strong in Rainmakers

Guest Post by Coach Roz a.k.a. Rosalyn Harris. She’s using the Force to help us change our ways. In a galaxy far, far away, it is a dark time for the Rainmakers. Although the Twinkie-Star has been destroyed, Disease-of-Doomed Troopers have driven the Rainmakers forces from their hidden base and pursued them from across the […]

SURGE Business Conference in Tweets

Last month we held the first ever SURGE business conference at the Flagship Center in Anderson, IN. The event provided an opportunity for attendees to learn, be inspired and solidify personal and professional goals for 2016.   [View the story “Rainmakers SURGE” on Storify]

New Year’s Resolutions, Cheese Fries and Bikes

It’s that time of year when you’re going to act on that New Year’s resolution you made a couple of weeks ago. So many people make promises – from taking cheese fries off the menu to learning how to ride a bike. And yet many people will only get as far as making a statement. […]

Time Management for a Busy Sales Person

Guest post by Troy Hanna, President, AddressTwo Time is money, and this old adage is especially true in the business world. Time flies, and when you don’t have all the info at your fingertips, you’re wasting it. Customers are waiting, you are getting anxious, and things seem to be getting out of control. But this […]

The More You Give, The More You Get

Guest post by Ben Klopfer, VP at EImagine and Rainmakers ConnectTech Board Member  When I was introduced to the world of “networking,” I thought: Great! I get to drink beer and meet people, all under the guise of doing something semi-business-related! It seemed like the perfect combination. And then it became even more perfect: It […]

Are you missing opportunities on LinkedIn?

This is a guest post by Dave Meeker,Bringing Technology to You LLC Are you missing opportunities? Your LinkedIn account is working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. What if there were a way to customize your urgent and important notifications from your LinkedIn account? Engaging your audience: There are 2 main […]

Strategic Networking to Drive Business: 5 Relationship Building Tips

Guest blog post by Lisa Treadwell, owner of The Indy Real Estate Experts, Keller Williams Realty I was recently asked to mosey on over to Dallas  for a national conference of real estate agents, and sit on a panel  to share my experience and successes in networking and building business relationships. While I was honored […]

Marketing in 2016: Don’t Miss the Virtual Boat

Guest post by Pat Altvater, owner BizTV Shows® We are witnessing and participating in an age of dramatic change in the way consumers interact with both large and small brands. Traditional marketing is dying because consumers now hold the power. They use ad blockers, DVR’s and satellite radio to avoid being bombarded with unwanted information. […]

Come on Down to Rainmakers Downtown

Yes, Rainmakers is expanding to include downtown locations! Last week’s prelaunch meet & greet event marks the beginning of an exciting opportunity for our members, especially those who’ve expressed interest in seeing Rainmakers expand to downtown Indy. We’re excited to extend our facility relationship with Regus by utilizing their meeting space at their building at […]