How is Rainmakers a different organization than many of the other local membership groups?

Rainmakers is a business development community that offers support and training on many different business development needs specifically, networking, business development and community service. Offerings are enhanced and changed, based on what are members need. Some members need appointments with prospects, some are building strategic relationships, some want support marketing an event or seminar, some are working on personal branding, while others are working on public speaking and communication skills – the list varies! Plus, our membership is made up of people who are givers and are abundant.  We help each other grow and want the best for each other.

How many members do you have that do what I do?

The great thing about Rainmakers is that we are not industry exclusive and it works well.  Each member is successful in Rainmakers when they have a specific niche, target or focus.  For example, let’s say we have two financial advisors and one is focused on retirement planning and the other is focused on people in career transition. These two network in different spheres of influence. We are always recruiting new members. We have served over 5,000 so there is plenty for everyone!

What do my dues cover?

The annual membership fee of $340 gives you access to all monthly activities with no additional fees (however, lunches and cocktails are typically extra). We have many activities ranging from in-person networking events, virtual networking events, trainings and community service opportunities on the calendar each month.  Also, the Rainmakers team works with members to help generate appointments on calendars, facilitate introductions to strategic partners and brainstorm/strategy sessions on different marketing topics.

Am I expected to attend every week or do you have an attendance policy?

No.  We do not have attendance policies.  Some of our members rarely come to live meetings, but participate in our online groups and work with our staff to get the results they need.  We encourage you to join our closed Facebook group as well as follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Some members love that they can request email introductions to prospects or strategic partners. We love to see members live at events and trainings and we know meeting face to face is very effective, but as a business development professionals, we like to be flexible to support the most important activities leading to sales.

How many members do you have?

We have anywhere from 450-800 active members at any given time and we are always recruiting. In addition we have over 5,000 alumni members.

Can I attend multiple activities each month?

Yes. Attend whatever you need, whenever you need.

How do I know about all of the activities that I should get involved with?

As a member you will receive emails on Rainmakers happenings and member exclusive opportunities.

Can Rainmakers teach me how to network?

Absolutely.  This is where we really shine!  We make sure our members know how to network effectively.  We will help you with your messaging, your strategy and your execution.

Are there leadership opportunities in Rainmakers?

Yes, and lots of them! We have several advisory boards and leadership training on a monthly basis.  We can help anyone that is looking to develop their leadership skills or get plugged into a leadership role, get to the right place.