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Building Employees

Because guests are taking precautions due to the Coronavirus this event have been changed to a VIRTUAL SESSION via Zoom. Thank you for your understanding.
Rainmakers is excited to offer a monthly roundtable for small business leaders to convene on workplace talent topics. It is more important than ever to be strategic in attracting, engaging and developing employees in order to build a healthy company.

Ideal attendees for this session are small business owners or human resource managers.

Sessions are 90 minutes and include introductions and networking along with a workplace talent learning topic and interactive roundtable discussion. All participants share their key takeaways in action steps prior to the conclusion of the session.

April Topic: How to create and sustain a growth culture inside your organization

Does it seem like everywhere you turn you see a different ‘take’ on culture? It’s no surprise given there’s so much noise surrounding the topic – check out these statistics on the impact of culture on organizations:

  • Disengagement (leaving mentally, emotionally) costs US businesses ~350 billion per year
  • Unwanted turnover (leaving physically) costs US businesses ~1 trillion each year
  • 24% higher profit margins for businesses where culture development is included in the business strategy

It’s never been more important for executives to clarify their growth culture strategy, sustain the focus on employee experiences that lead to growth, and continuously measure the impact of employee behavior over time.

This is why we’re going to unpack this topic together – but in a very systematic, tangible way. At iAspire, we define your culture as the DNA (values and traits) of your organization – with all of your people being carriers of that culture DNA. We’re going to zoom in on your culture DNA so we can focus on 1 value and 1 trait together. In doing so, you’ll walk away with clear exemplars of your values and traits for your ideal culture.

Here’s how we’re going to do it: First, you’ll learn how to define values and traits as observable behavior. Next, you’ll practice writing the behavioral indicators for the 1 value and 1 trait you have chosen.

Here’s an example for the Humble trait:

  • Defines success collectively, not individually
  • Emphasizes team over self
  • Shares credit
  • Slow to seek attention or credit
  • Quick to point out the contributions of others
If you aren’t sure what your values and traits are for your organization, no problem – we already have a list from which you can simply choose (26 values, 38 traits). You’ll then have the opportunity to share out your culture DNA work with the group and learn from the other attendees. We’ll then answer that nagging question of “What do I do next?” when it comes to creating and sustaining a growth culture inside your organization.

Our Speaker: Jason Cochran

I started my career as an educational psychologist in 2005 and devoted 12 years to helping teachers, educational leaders, parents and students in Indiana better understand the psychology of learning and development. This included designing and implementing systems of support for all learners, as well as group and individual interventions. By working in this field, I developed an expertise in understanding the requisite cognitive skills for specific task demands, allowing for rapid identification and delivery of appropriate learning and behavioral strategies.

While I absolutely loved what I was doing, I also had an innate feeling that there was more out there for me. This is what led me to find my calling for equipping organizations outside the world of education in also understanding and applying these principles for growth and development.

This all culminated into becoming a Co-Founder of iAspire, a company forged in the belief that people are made for more.  Everyone has a calling and a desire to fulfill their mission in the world, and much of that is shaped by the work they do in their organizations. My mission at iAspire is to help organizations build the culture of growth they’ve always wanted!

On a personal level, my wife, Rachel, and I live in Noblesville with our two young sons who are lively, energetic, and lots of fun! We’re also expecting twin boys in May, so our world is about to get pretty wild! To help us keep up with our boys, Rachel and I each teach BodyPump classes at the Fishers and Jordan Y every week.


Sessions will be facilitated by Rainmakers CEO and employee engagement expert, Nikki Lewallen.

As reflected in her leadership style, Nikki is an avid proponent of robust company culture. She believes that for people to succeed in business and life, it is necessary for them to find meaning in their work. Today, Nikki works nationally alongside CEOs, Presidents and key executives to build highly engaged employers. She has built a national network of the best HR and talent solutions to tie her gift of connecting to the resources leaders need to move the needle on employee engagement, ultimately helping more people “Love Mondays.”



Since 1986, Insperity has been showing companies how to harness the power of HR to improve business success. We’ve grown from two people sharing a one-room office to a $3.3 billion company with more than 70 offices across the U.S

We love helping clients strengthen and streamline their businesses. Our proven approach helps you better manage costs and minimize risk. You’ll get the ready-to-use HR infrastructure that your business needs to be more efficient and profitable.

To bring out the best in your people, we’ll show you how to maximize their performance and productivity. That’s our inspiration and purpose.

April 09 2020


Date: April 9
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