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An event for business owners and executives, Business Blaze presents topics relevant to current and future business operations as well as issues that may impact the Indianapolis business community. This quarterly event features top-notch, industry speakers and an opportunity for meaningful dialogue.

Topic: Not Wrong Just Different.  Leveraging Differences in the Workplace

We all want our uniqueness recognized and celebrated, yet it can feel difficult working with someone that is “different” from us. After years researching and writing about Attention Deficit Disorder, including a TEDx talk, Rebecca came to realize it was less about ADD/ADHD and more about all of our unique differences.  She discusses why honoring differences isn’t always our first response and the significant value this approach can bring to enhancing life and business.  Like pieces of a puzzle, separately the pieces hold little value, it’s in the connection where our differences join us together and make us stronger and more beautiful.  In fact, it’s in giving our unique gifts to another that we establish a thriving life and business.

Speaker: Rebecca Fleetwood Hession
Author – Speaker – Thrive Guide
Rebecca has over two decades of experience working
in leadership, team building, and consultative selling.
She has a track record of success earning President’s
Club for 15 years with the Franklin Covey Co. as well as
the Principle Centered Leadership Award. Her client
work is featured in the best selling book, The 4
Disciplines of Execution. She was chosen to perform an
original piece for the Listen to Your Mother show and
her TEDx talk has been viewed more than 100K times.
Her blog has nearly one million views.
Find Rebecca on:
Our Featured Non-Profit
Fight For Life Foundation
Our mission is to help deserving but underserved youth develop the social and emotional qualities needed for success.

Fight for Life Foundation was founded by Marlin Jackson, former cornerback for the Indianapolis Colts NFL team.

Marlin’s mission was to give kids a fighting chance. He had to fight to get to where he was and it wasn’t a fight he wished for anyone.He never knew his father, his mother was addicted to drugs, he was neglected and moved from home to home — far from the ideal childhood.

So he fought. He had to fight for his life, the life that he wanted, the life that was just beyond the horizon of the ghetto that he could not see. The more he experienced outside the confines of his childhood, the more he became encouraged to fight for all that is right and just in the world.

Marlin’s hope is to give kids who grow up as he did a fighting chance to make it in the world, to let them know their environment does not have to dictate who they are in a negative way.

Marlin’s goal is to introduce kids to life lessons and coach character qualities that he has learned along the way, in order to help them side step some obstacles that he’s faced and know they have or will face.   We don’t know what we don’t know!  If no one has ever shown or talked to you about love, respect, trust, courage, or discipline, then how will you know?

The mission of Fight for Life founders and supporters is to fill a void in children’s lives where guidance is missing. We hope to give kids the fighting chance that each child deserves in life, by instilling the simple qualities that so many people take for granted.  This is why we feel compelled to help in the fight for a better life for disadvantaged children.  This is why we say, “Dream it…Believe it…Achieve it. The it is up to you!


You focus on growing your business.
We’ll focus on keeping it running.
AIS is an Indianapolis-based IT Consulting, Strategy & Security company. We begin our
relationships with a comprehensive and in-depth assessment of your IT landscape.
We analyze your pain points, identify organizational issues and offer innovative solutions.
We then optimize your IT infrastructure—streamlining processes, implementing best
practices, managing compliance, mitigating risks and maintaining systems. AIS helps you
align your technology with your business goals.
July 10 2019


Date: July 10, 2019
Time: 8:30 am - 10:00 am
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