Close the GAP and Design a Path to Your Dreams

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Close the GAP and Design a Path to Your Dreams

Close the GAP and Design a Path to Your Dreams

We are taking precautions due to COVID-19. This event has been changed to a VIRTUAL SESSION via Zoom. Thank you for your understanding.

“Change” for many business owners, is their greatest fear.  But it’s not the dream that is scary, it’s the “everything in between” that scares us.  It’s the GAP.  That area between where you are now and where you desire to be.  And the change, or the gap, encompasses all the time, work, energy, and unfamiliarity in between today and what you desire.  This is the one FEAR that keeps entrepreneurs stuck EVERY DAY.

You are all too familiar with where you are now, but at least that is “known.”  Which is why it makes it so dangerously easy to do nothing and “hope” for the best.  But what is on the other side is everything you desire: happiness, feeling valued, healthy relationships, and a business you love and is successful.

The only way to get there with less pain is to intentionally design your path.  Because otherwise, you won’t get to the other side and achieve what you really want.

The benefits of this workshop include:

  1. Greater awareness of the opportunities available to you
  2. Clarity on your vision and goals
  3. Techniques you can use to ensure your success
  4. Networking opportunity to meet other like-minded business owners


Our Facilitator: Kimberle Seale 

Kim is a success coach focused on creating a lasting legacy of wealth, health, and happiness for professionals and business owners.  She is an experienced and credentialed coach, has won multiple leadership awards, an author, and a patent inventor for a product developed for Uber. Kim has achieved some amazing and transformative results with her clients and in her past as a corporate executive before she started her own practice three years ago.  What is inspiring and unique about her approach is the level of motivation and passion she brings out of her clients and their employees, including those that had not been performing at their best.

April 21 2020


Date: April 21, 2020
Time: 8:30 am - 10:30 am
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Zoom Webinar

Indianapolis, IN

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