How to Make Referral Partnerships Really Work

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How to Make Referral Partnerships Really Work

Are you like most business professionals finding it more and more difficult to break through the noise and connect with quality prospects? Are you finding prospects putting up more and more obstacles to keep you and your message out? When you do finally get through to a prospect are you finding that you have less and less time to gain their attention and interest?

Whether you’re facing the above issues or not, aligning yourself with others who can expose you to new prospects, help set up the sale for you is one of the most effective marketing methods you can employ.

Enlisting other business professionals who sell to the same prospects as you to help you find and connect with quality prospects has been a staple of marketing for top producers for decades—and unsuccessfully imitated by countless others.

In this session, we will discuss:

  • Why is knowing your ideal client important to the success of your business?
  • 3 Steps to Identify your ideal client
  • Examples of ideal clients
  • Why are referral partners so important
  • Identifying quality referral partners
  • Develop a referral partnerships system


Our Presenters:

Janet Greer

Janet Greer has a Bachelor’s from Purdue University and a Masters in Management from Indiana Wesleyan University. She has worked for small businesses and has had her own small business. Janet enjoys working with small businesses to watch them unleash their potential. Working as the H7 Market Area Director in Indiana enables her to utilize her skills of working with teams and follow her passion to help others grow both professionally and personally.

Janet Greer

Market Area Director (Indianapolis) H7



Nancy Sunshine

Nancy Sunshine’s involvement with Rainmakers spans several years. She has served various companies in executive-level sales positions over the years, started her own business, and has worked the Rainmakers platform successfully to create winning business development results.

Nancy has served and continues to serve as a Rainmakers board member. Passionate about helping members succeed, Nancy guides them on how to leverage their membership so they, too, can experience the gains she has made. If you have ideas to share about making Rainmakers better or need guidance on how to utilize your membership more effectively, contact Nancy. She would love to help.

Nancy Sunshine

President, Rainmakers



Denise Praul

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Denise Praul is the founder of Whiteboard Learning, and committed to sharing practical real-world information to help business professionals create referral marketing strategies to grow their businesses.

For over 15 years, she has trained new members of the local BNI franchise on referral marketing, and taught leadership teams how to encourage and manage their chapters.

As a Master Trainer for the Referral Institute, she has met and trained people from around the world on how to build their business by referral.

She put her referral knowledge to the test in her own property tax consulting business and significantly and consistently grew the business year after year with no additional investment of money or time.

Using her knowledge and experience with Referral Marketing, she has created a system called Roadmap to Unlimited Referrals that she now trains and shares with other business people to help them significantly grow and scale their own businesses.

Denise Praul

White Board Learning


August 19 2020


Date: August 19, 2020
Time: 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Zoom Webinar

Indianapolis, IN

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