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Rainmakers Sharpen is a quarterly event for business owners, C-level leaders, and their operational leaders to learn new business efficiencies and building new relationships in the community. Expect thought-provoking topics led by small business solutions experts and small group discussions to apply learnings.


July Topic: Artificial & Behavioral Intelligence is the Future


Come learn about how it can positively impact your business:

1. Reduce manual work

    • Machine Learning- paper form replacement, how can we use tech to make life easier and more efficient

2.Enhance productivity

    • Eliminate or significantly reduce mindless and repetitive tasks and bolster productivity.
    • Use it to improve your standard┬ábusiness┬áprocesses
    • Streamline strategic output and remove guesswork from your decision-making

3. AI in Marketing

    • Tools based on artificial intelligence also help in deciding the marketing budget by churning out the whole data and come up with certain insights. For example, artificial intelligence has influenced email marketing, substantially.


Our Guest Speakers:

Chris Hoyt,

Director of Marketing at Onebridge

In my 20+ years of marketing experience, I have worked with or in over 100 different organizations spanning almost every industry, from bio-tech, to manufacturing, to candy. This means I have had more opportunities to fail and learn from my mistakes than most marketers you will meet. I have learned what works, what doesn’t, and just how much of the marketing industry is built on hype, fads, and outright fraud.

I rely on academically-scrutinized economics to learn and grow as a marketer, not the pseudo-psychology so prevalent in my industry. My strategies are data-driven and approached through the empirical method to whatever extent is possible. Most people I work with describe me as “creative” – but that creativity is centered around solving-problems and striving for effective communication.

Currently, I work as the Marketing Director for Onebridge in Indy, and provide mentoring to group of local entrepreneurs and small businesses. If you want to see what I have to say on marketing, economics, and professional development, visit my website at www.christhebrain.com

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Mark Plaskow,

Expert Data Engineer

Organizations that Thrive and Survive use the Power of Data and Modern Technology to their Advantage.

I have 25 years including one of the first 1000 Certified DBAs and Analytics Specialists to Gently and Fluidly bring Data, Warehousing, Cloud Architectures, Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Models to give Companies:

1. A Centralized and Single Version of the Truth across The Enterprise through Warehouses and Migrations
2. A Deep Study of Artificial Intelligence, Analytics and Proper Predictive Models for Better Decisions
3. Leading Technology Efforts, Adhering to Deliverables and Deadlines, Enabling World Class Teams

I am Eager to Help Organizations to Save Money, Time and Research through thorough Study and Understanding of Modern Technology put to work for them.

I guarantee results, Deadlines, Budgets, and Top Mastery Including work with MIT, Stanford, top Health Centers, and the Department of Justice.

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Our Facilitator:

Amber Fields

Amber is a bright light. Her approach is to learn about you and help you to win with the right connections and solutions. She understands the power of helping people to achieve their own unique purpose. She uses these superpowers in her executive role with AIS, as a board member with Damar Services, as a co-host on the show The Truth Revival and as a Zarvos Leadership Coach.

Amber’s role at AIS is a perfect fit for her “connection” expertise! She’s helping clients with their IT infrastructure connections to fuel the growth of their business.

Amber is passionate about paving the way for women to have successful careers in the IT industry. She didn’t go looking for a career in IT, it came after her and she quickly realized the power of connection in an industry that is truly connected to the way we do work and life.

Gifts are meant to be given. With her time, talents, connections, and dollars, Amber is here to give and serve. She has an impressive history of raising money and making a difference in organizations close to her heart.


Date: July 22, 2021
Time: 11:30 am - 12:30 pm
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Indianapolis, IN

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