The Business Owners’ Boardroom

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The Business Owners’ Boardroom

Change Happens, So Take Control.  Learn how to address your most pressing issues that may present themselves at any moment.

This is a business owners’ series on how to stay ahead in a rapidly changing world.  Rapidly changing market conditions force companies to quickly update traditional day-to-day operations. In today’s environment, you have to be fast and nimble in order to seize opportunities, rise above challenges and respond to changing times.

Join us for this monthly series where you will learn new ideas, share your experiences, and meet other business owners, just like you, focused on staying competitive, increasing revenue and enjoying the journey.

As a part of your attendance, all participants receive a complimentary business diagnostic that will help you prioritize your most challenging problems and leverage opportunities.


October Topic: Time IS Money!  Are you wasting time being “busy” or are you getting the best return on your time?


One of the most universal challenges for business owners is that of time management.  As business owners we wear many hats, working both as the visionary leader and frontline employee playing many role.  As the owner of your time, you’re in charge of managing how you spend every single moment.  The decision you make as to where to focus your time is critical to the overall health of your business.

One key theme from business owners surveyed is that most business owners are spending less time working on their businesses (doing strategic planning, marketing, and other leadership responsibilities) than they are working inside their businesses (performing repetitive administrative or customer-oriented tasks that could be delegated to another employee or outsourced).  While the later tasks often feel the most urgent, it is the former strategic responsibilities that are most critical to a healthy, forward-moving organization.

In our TAB Business Owners survey, we found that there is a gap between how most business owners spend and perceive their time and how they believe they should be spending it.  These business owners are largely unsatisfied with how they are spending their time.

At this session of the Business Owners’ Boardroom, we will be honestly reviewing how we are spending our time and committing to new ways we can spend it that brings out the highest value for the time we have and the best in our business.

Now you may say “I’m busy, I don’t have time to attend this session,” and that is a pretty common response amongst struggling business owners.  My response to this is that you can’t afford not to attend.  “Busy” is really just a state of mind.  That is the difference between highly effective business owners and those who are constantly stressed and overwhelmed.  Both have 24 hours in the day.  Great business owners get more accomplished and will rarely tell you that they are “really busy” when asked.  Conversely, unsuccessful owners are addicted to busy-ness and are typically overwhelmed and stressed.

So take control of your time and sign up for our next session on October 7th at 8:30 AM EST.


Our Facilitator:

Kimberle Seale

Kim is a success coach focused on creating a lasting legacy of wealth, health, and happiness for professionals and business owners.  She is an experienced and credentialed coach, has won multiple leadership awards, an author, and a patent inventor for a product developed for Uber. Kim has achieved some amazing and transformative results with her clients and in her past as a corporate executive before she started her own practice three years ago.  What is inspiring and unique about her approach is the level of motivation and passion she brings out of her clients and their employees, including those that had not been performing at their best.


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October 07 2021


Date: October 7, 2021
Time: 8:30 am - 10:30 am
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