Networking Events

A variety well-organized business networking events to expand personal and professional contacts. Check out our events calendar


Peer discussion and relationship building sessions. Explore roundtable options. 

Educational Sessions

Live and virtual training on leadership, sales, marketing, operations, financial topics and more. See our events calendar for current sessions.

Email Introductions

Submit ideal connection criteria to the Rainmakers team. Rainmakers builds a list and paces through email introductions, three at a time. Contact a team member to get started. 

Serve More Projects

Local community service projects in small and large groups. Giving back to the community is part of the Rainmakers culture. 

Rainmakers University

Rainmakers University lays the foundation for an entrepreneur or sales professional to master business development. Three 90 minute training sessions teach members how to leverage our local membership platform and provide useful training for all professionals with a selling role. Explore Rainmakers University. 


MentorU is a mentorship program designed to help facilitate growth! MentorU helps you grow personally and professionally through a one-to-one relationship that’s tailored to your interests. It’s designed for Rainmakers by Rainmakers and requires active participation to be successful.  Contact a team member to get started with MentorU.

Board Positions

Leverage increased visibility as a leader of one of our many event boards. Contact a team member if you’re interested in a board position.

Discount Program

Take advantage of the various special offers given by the wide variety of companies represented in Rainmakers.