Membership Benefits


Membership includes access to various monthly networking events, roundtable discussions, community service and social gatherings. There are no attendance policies. Attend the things that fit your calendar and your needs.

When you get started, we manage the success of your membership from the very beginning. You will be welcomed to our entire database in an email feature. Next, we will get you scheduled for an orientation session and a strategic networking training to ensure you have a game plan to reach your business development goals.

Every Rainmakers event has staff onsite. We help you work the room.

After each session you attend, we will provide you with a list of all attendees. Incase you missed someone you wanted to meet, you could reach out to them directly or ask us to facilitate an introduction.

Outside of our organized environments, leverage our staff to make email introductions or spread the word about something you have to promote.

Download the Rainmakers App (only available to members)! Find members you want to meet, stay current on on-going events, roundtables and special opportunities.

Rainmakers strongly emphasizes the importance of giving back. We train and emphasize servant leadership. You will see this in individual interactions and large organized service projects.

 “For me, being a part of Rainmakers has brought a new meaning to “Be More, Serve More.” The group has helped me grow as a person. I am inspired and energized by the positive people I have met. The connections I have made through Rainmakers have helped me build strong strategic relationships.”

Nancy Sunshine – Account Executive, The Sunshine Group