Our Team

Nancy Sunshine


Nancy’s involvement with Rainmakers spans several years.  She has served various companies in executive-level sales positions over the years and has worked the Rainmakers platform successfully to create winning business development results.

Nancy has served and continues to serve as a Rainmakers board member. Passionate about helping members succeed, Nancy guides them on how to leverage their membership so they, too, can experience the gains she has made.

If you have ideas to share about making Rainmakers better or need guidance on how to utilize your membership more effectively, contact Nancy. She would love to help.

Ashley Young
Marketing Manager

As the Marketing Manager for Rainmakers, Ashley works closely with the team to ensure that members and clients stay up to date and informed and that things run smoothly behind the scenes of the organization.

Her attention to detail, project management skills, administrative skills, and ability to accomplish tasks quickly and efficiently allow her to help the team get more done in a single day’s work.

Outside of her work, Ashley enjoys running races with her husband (10k’s are her favorite) and feels it has helped to keep her disciplined in all areas of her life.

Ashley holds a bachelor’s degree from Asbury University with studies in photography and graphic design.

Teri Capron
Graphic Designer

Teri has been a part of Rainmakers since 2014 and is proud to be a member of the team.

Her passion is helping businesses succeed by visually translating their marketing message into something that resonates, motivates, and educates their target audience. With a degree in Visual Communication and over 30-years’ experience, Teri helps non-profits, small businesses, and large corporations grow and thrive by targeting the right message for each.

In her free time, Teri and her husband spend time with their teenage son and their two collie “fur kids.” She also enjoys reading, drawing, and painting.

Neil Richmund
Web Designer

Neil Richmund is a unique blend of marketing strategist and web designer – with a passion for helping businesses, non-profits, and schools to improve their visibility and be successful online.

Neil’s 15 years of experience as a pastor and teacher in Christian schools has inspired him to bring an educational perspective to marketing by teaching his clients to use the tools available to them (but often mystify them).  In his 10 years as a web designer, Neil has seen firsthand the impact that an improved online presence has on helping organizations to be successful online, and he is eager to share that knowledge with others.

Don’t let his Aussie accent fool you though–he has called the US home for over 30 years!

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